Bumblebirch is at Urban Fiber Arts!

Heartwood in Berry Juice

Bumblebirch yarn can now be found at Urban Fiber Arts in the Pearl District!

There are many fine knitting shops in Portland, but this one in particular sells Bumblebirch yarn. Specializing in local independent Northwest dyers and spinners, Urban Fiber Arts is located on the southbound Portland Streetcar line and just around the corner from a Number 17 Bus stop. It has an excellent selection of patterns and unique yarns, host classes and the local spinnerati (spinning group), and the owner Cindy is an all-around fun lady. Be sure to check it out!

Bumblebirch supports public transportation! You can't (shouldn't) knit while you're driving on the freeway, but you can purl on the bus...So hop on the streetcar or MAX or bus and check out Urban Fiber Arts in the Pearl.

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