Knitty First Fall 2011

Knitty's First Fall 2011 collection has been live for a couple of weeks now and my, oh, my! what beautiful patterns! Who doesn't love cozy knits in fall?

I am in love with this sweet little lace cowl by Ashley Knowlton. I'm not such a fan of wearing pink myself, though, so I was thinking it would look lovely in a more subtle, warm color like Goldberry:
What do you think?


Sock Summit Report


Well I guess I was too busy enjoying myself to take many pictures, but here's a little peek at the second annual Sock Summit here in Portland. In my defense, I did have my hands full of wiggly baby the whole time, so wielding the camera was not really on my mind.


Here's a corner of the marketplace. I wonder why the baby was more interested in my keys than yarn? Must work on that. Most days Baby M and I visited the marketplace, crawled around, fondled yarn, and connected with friends. On Friday I attended Tina Newton's lecture. What a delight! My friend watched the baby so I could sit and knit and listen without distraction. The most memorable moment came when Baby M decided to start walking on his own!


On Sunday we were able to catch the Fleece-to-Foot contest. They sheared the sheep, carded the wool, spun it, then knit it into socks...in a matter of hours. Well done, ladies!


Keep spinning! More coffee!





The Fastest Knitter Competition, moments before comparing 106 stitches to 103 in 3 minutes. I definitely can't knit that fast!


Ok, men, can we please go get some yarn now?