Bumblebirch Yarn + Tea Club

The Bumblebirch Yarn + Tea Club combines two of my favorite things: knitting and tea. When I knit, it's almost meditative; I let the warm, soft fiber slide through my hands and the tea warms my whole body. As the cooler weather approaches, I'm eager to stock up on knitting projects that will keep my feet and hands and head warm--and that of my family!

I've come up with themes for this season's three packages. My hope is that they'll take you on a sensory journey, excite your imagination, and warm your heart.

September: The Open Sea
October: Golden Harvest
November: Snow White

One of the features of the Yarn + Tea Club is that you can choose to receive sock yarn OR worsted weight yarn. As a club member, you can even order extra skeins if you're planning a larger project.

The Autumn season of the Yarn + Tea Club will start in September, and there are only 3 spots left as of right now. If you're interested in the Yarn Club but don't want the tea & goodies, you can subscribe to just the yarn. These colorways won't be available to non-club members, so join today!

If you missed out on this season, look forward to the Winter Yarn + Tea Club. With the first shipment mid-December, they make the perfect holiday gift!


Petite Droplet Stitch Markers

These dainty stitch markers are oh-so-cute and yet oh-so-practical! Some lucky Sock Summiteers managed to get their hands on them, but I still have some in the shop.

Petite Droplets are perfect for lace or sock knitting. The rings fit needles up to size 3.25mm or US 5, and there's absolutely NO gap for catching your yarn. The single colorful Czech glass bead adds sparkle but doesn't dangle too much in your knitting.


New Blog for Bumblebirch

Test test test!

Welcome to the new blog! I figured it was time to have a blog dedicated to the "business" side of my life: dedicated to Bumblebirch.

I've been busy making plans for upcoming seasonal yarn clubs, and they're going to be awesome! There is a theme for each month's package:

September: The Open Sea
October: Golden Harvest
November: Snow White

Here are a couple of my own hand-dyed colorways, which are currently available in my shop.

Violet Dusk

Ginger Peach

I've got some mini-skeins in the dyepot as I type and I can't wait to show you what I've been cooking up!