Bumblebirch Designs started as a creative outlet in 2008 and grew into a pleasant obsession by the fall of 2009. A line of simple knitting stitch markers grew into hand-dyed yarn, project bags, paper goods, and a seasonal Yarn + Tea Club.

My inspiration is eclectic; I love to see the modern contrasted with the classic, and I blame this on my education in architecture, obsession with classic literature, and passion for the natural environment. Architecture training is also where I learned to think spatially, be creative, communicate visually, and use both sides of my brain. My favorite part of school was graphic design, which is probably why I'd rather dye yarn fabulous colors rather than sit at a computer all day. I'm an ambitious knitter so it was an easy jump to making pretty notions and dying yarn for a living.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2006 and have called it Home ever since. My house is filled with peace and laughter, thanks to my wonderful husband and sweet little boy. I enjoy nature, books, food, knitting, and sewing. In summertime you can find me at the local brew festivals, and in the winter I'll be in the kitchen baking or buried under a pile of blankets, knitting. You can visit my muggle blog here.